Posted date: 19/March/2011

You want liquor in life or not? This lobbying is done even in the government front. Every government suggests that it would put an end to liquor. But from the excise department the government survives. On the one side it says about the ill effects of liquor and it manufactures even Indian made foreign liquors too!
With such being the condition actor and music director Sadhu Kokila sitting with director Lucky Shanker says the film with the title ‘90’ will be having repercussions once the film is released. The female audience may not turn up is the fear but they should come to this film to know more about the ill effects we have told in the cinema.
This is a family cinema says both Shanker and Sadhu. The comedy is not just for the heck of it. All the characters found in this film – it comes to 60 are found in front of the wine shops or bars. We have stock to do another film. There is the emotions what Charlie Chaplin had in this film in the under current. The first half has answer in the second half.
Sadhu Kokila thought of a song with Shakeela in this film but it would not work he felt and just taken up the talkie portions. Biradar is playing high tech beggar. He begs for ‘90’ to gulp and in the evening he talks about the share market.
Krishne Gowda did not agree finally for the Modern Suprabhatha role. He was not happy with our motive but our intention and his intentions were one and the same ‘Stop Drinking’ said Sadhu Kokila.


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