Posted date: 24/June/2009

Hebeas corpus case in a Kannada film is utilized for the push of the screenplay by producer Matama Reddy a civil contractor. The film ‘Bandhe Barthale’ is baralu ready on this Friday 26th June 2009.

The Hebeas corpus is applied the heroine father to get back his 16 years daughter who has eloped with 21 years age hero of the film. The reason for father applying like this is different. The police are on the look out now. The father is waiting that his daughter ‘Bandhe Barthale’, the police saying ‘Sikke Sigthale’ while after she is traced the situation is now for the hero that she will come back – meaning ‘Bandhe Barthale’.

We have worked hard and the film has come out well and this is a family film says producer Matama Reddy addressing the media on last Monday evening. Matama Reddy is a civil contractor and behind this film making from last one year.

How the parents and children should face the teenage love is explained in a very effective style says director Devadas.
Apparently the hero, villain and heroine names start from the letter S. Hero is Soorya, heroine is Supritha and villain is Santosh.

I have been given the confidence to work in this film and investing on my face given me more courage to work. Although running away from the house and getting married it is in the legal frame work says the hero Soorya.

Santosh the new villain to Kannada cinema trained in Adarsha Film Institute. II PUC educated Santosh hails from Sakleshpur. He plays opponent to Soorya on the screen. Supritha could not make to the media briefing because of problems in her eyes.

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