Posted date: 15/March/2011

With many new discoveries multifaceted Narayan has channelized his film ‘Dushta’ that is at the final stage of dubbing and releasing the audio in the next months. S Narayan is finalizing the singers in the next few days and records it finally.
S Narayan means discipline, dedication and of course dexterity in work. Despite of failures all three D’s are keeping going and got him unshakable position in the career of over 20 years.
Right from the selection of new talent for this film, bringing his friend life on screen adding his own climax for ‘Dushta’ S Narayan has gone to the natural locations and three fourth of the scenes of his film are real. It was the 78=79 period he dates back in his story and sees his friend in his son.
Like how he made a talent hunt for 25 plus new artists with only his son Pankaj a familiar face on silver screen director Narayan has developed another ambition to dub the same accent voices for all the characters. He took a trip to Mysore, Malavalli and Nagamangala side picked the fresh voices. It was the trouble then Narayan has faced from innocent people. It was difficult to get dubbing female artists to the black room of dubbing. The closets would use to look suspiciously. I had to give the explanation for it to convince them. Some of the dubbing artists who had come took to their heels with some other reasons.
Narayan agrees that this film is going to create a new wave. For such creations his last film ‘Veera Parampare’ success counts a lot.
Pankaj is expecting good returns for the film and it will be a terrific film to watch he says. When I was in the house of Ambarish uncle I got the news from my father. Immediately I sought the blessings of Ambarisji. Throughout the film I got to maintain the aptitude for natural. How the 41 days went off I was wondering. I even looked at the papers in the file of my father that he brings to the shoot. I felt the need of experience supporting cast at places to express my thoughts. It was the only missing point for me admits Pankaj. This ‘Dushta’ Ishta agthane concludes Pankaj.
Jagadish Wali after knowing that he needs to get absolutely natural feel he adjusted his technical brilliance accordingly. There are some exotic locations used for the first time to this film says Wali.
Surabhi in her second film feels it is a lot to learn from ‘Dushta’. All fell so well for me to do this film. Attentive approach the role deserved. The difficulty part of film making I learnt working here added Surabhi.


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