Posted date: 26/January/2009

‘Jeeva’ Chitrakke navellaru Jeeva thaidhu kelasa madiddheve! The expected statement was passed on to the media at the ‘Jeeva’ Kannada film briefing at The Centaur Hotel in Majestic on Saturday.

Very tasteful producer Paramesh sitting next to his co producer Prem the makers of ‘Jeeva’ in the banner of P2 Combines completed 80 percent of shoot in which talkie and two songs have been completed for this romantic cum action film ‘Jeeva’.

The choreographer of over 150 songs Prabhu Srinivas is handling the direction for his own life story and adding some extra elements to make this a commercial film. The story line of this film Prabhu Srinivas narrated to Paramesh when he was doing choreography for the producer earlier film ‘Pallakki’. Then producer asked him to take up direction of his subject. That’s how ‘Jeeva’ went on the floors recalls Prabhu Srinivas. He has learnt Kannada and addressed the media and said Kannada filmdom among all other language is interesting because piracy does not happen overnight here.

Music director Gurukiran has been working for Prajwal in second consecutive film and so is the producer Paramesh and Prem. This time Gurukiran is happy because a choreographer a director too handles the songs he has composed very nicely. Kaviraj is thankful to Paramesh because he sits with him for churning out words for the lyrics.

Prajwal has three get ups to perform in this film and he says the role is different from all his earlier films. The grey shade he got from Geleya has been liked very much and it is a continuation for him to more graduated roles. The role has the power and sober nature. On the repentance of ‘Ghulama’ he said he does not regret for making that film.

The Senior in Jolly Days Ruthwa a Kannada girl with very promising talent is the heroine for Prajwal. She is in the traditional role a college going in this film.

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