Posted date: 31/January/2011

With an extraordinary treat for the film lovers via 3D animation for five minutes song ‘Jogaiah’ will be ready by April 24 the birth anniversary day of Dr Rajakumar the icon of Kannada cinema industry.
All preparations are already going super fast with 70 days of talkie portion for ‘Jogaiah’. It is a sequel to ‘Jogi’ and from the last scene of the film the first scene of ‘Jogaiah’ opens up on the silver screen. Hat trick hero Shivaarajakumar 100th film ‘Jogaiah’ will be out in 200 screens according to director Prem and he does not believe in the film running for 50 to 100 days. Why take one or two lakhs share at 50th or 100th day. So it is right thought to draw the audience attention spreading in 200 screens says director Prem.
Shooting in Mysore, Bangalore, Mumbai, Haridwar and Hrishikesh the tough experience once again is in my kitty. Haridwar where 300 Sadhus were utilized for a song was shot in seven days. We went to Haridwar where the temperature was minus degree. Shivarajakumar has been extremely cooperative for the film. In one of the songs sequence 1000’s of chappals used and one of the chappals he hits at him. That was a mind blowing scene which I hesitantly asked Shivanna he agreed and I was fortunate.
‘Jogaiah’ 3D song will be first time in the south Indian film industry. We have given the contract of this song to the Prasad Lab that has all the equipments to do it. From the period of Ashoka Emperor the war is depicted in this song says Prem. For one shot we have to capture six times to get perfect treatment in 3D. I have understood the making part of it. It will be shot in a plain land. This song will be available in a few theatres where 3D facility is adopted. At least in one theatre in district headquarters we have plans to get hold of 3D facility theatre says Prem.


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