Posted date: 19/July/2009

The reputed producer Rockline Venkatesh not inviting the media for his previous two films – Junglee and Yodha – has felt the need of the media might be because of the Yogaraj Bhat compulsion!


This is what making rounds but Rockline Venkatesh says nothing like that chatting to this correspondent. Various other works made my schedules very tight he disclosed.


Coming back to ‘Manasaare’ a film that has a little shade of ‘Ward No 9’ and ‘Garcia Gabriel’ novels is now ready with the shoot in 65 days. ‘Thali sari madlikke sadhyavo avru illirthare, sari madlikke agalla avaru aache irthare’ – in a nutshell the whole film description is tucked in this film says Yogaraj Bhat who is extremely happy with the professional work of the Rockline banner.


This is the 24th film of Rockline Venkatesh. This is very special for him. Yogaraj Bhat has the strength to throw four subjects all original and make me to pick one. There are no such persons according to me said Rockline Venkatesh. The planning and programming of the film is impressive and after seeing the film at re-recording time I am so happy. I was aiming what kind of cinema with Yogaraj Bhat whether entertainer, love or family package. Finally we thought of making the audience to laugh disclosed Rockline. There are six lovely songs and I am hopeful that the music would reach the level of ‘Mungaru Male’. July 31 is the audio release and September we are releasing the film says Rock.


Andritha Rai the screen charmer says this film will be a trend setter. Diganth the lover boy in his address said Rockline Venkatesh is No 1 producer and happy to be a part of the film.


The professionalism turned to friendship while doing this film ‘Manasaare’ said music director Mano Murthy.


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