Posted date: 30/December/2008

There are some people who feel proud and be happy by hosting the guests. Maheen the producer of ‘Nanda’ Kannada film for which he has given the story of his life and also appearing in the film is one such producer who has given very nice hospitality for his unit of ‘Nanda’. Shivarajakumar says ‘Biryani’ was served everyday for everyone without demarcating the class is for the first time in his film career and music director V.Manohar remembers the Rajasthani sweets coming to his house from Maheen and even the clothes at the festival. This is all without asking and that is the magnanimity of producer Maheen.

The humble and lovable producer Maheen’s maiden film production ‘Nanda’ starring Shivarajakumar and Sandhya of ‘Kadhal’ fame audio was released at Le Meredian Hotel on Sunday evening in the presence of huge gathering and some important politicians.

‘I would give the call sheet to Maheen at any time’. It is because he is such a nice producer to work with complimented Shivarajakumar. I have not seen such a ‘Dildaar’ producer added Shivanna.

There was compliment waiting for Shivarajakumar too from former minister Mr Zamir Ahmed Khan. According to Zamir after Rajanna it is Kumaranna from politics and after demise of Rajanna it is Shivanna for the Kannada cinema industry he said. Politicians Cheluvanarayanaswamy, Puttanna, Balanna and Prabhakar were also present at the audio release.

Music director of ‘Nanda’ V.Manohar has scored six tunes and one of the songs is written by producer Maheen. Maheen is an example for the love of his profession. He is a producer with good taste and his music knowledge is very good said V.Manohar.

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