Posted date: 26/April/2011

The unsung personality – heavy weight Nandakishore (first son of veteran actor Sudhir and actress Malathi) is now forging ahead in the direction department. He was an actor in comedy roles in nearly 40 films. His urge to learn and carve a disciplined career got him to a good standing from ‘Kempe Gowda’ super hit Kannada film. It is Sudeep who lauded the caliber of Nandakishore in the capacity of associate director. He is very brilliant and eminent Sudeep pointed.
‘I am here today only because of two persons – Sudeep and Shankare Gowda’ says Nandakishore speaking to media persons. I thought of ending my life two years ago. The huge personality of mine on the one side and failing to get job in the cinema field depressed me. When a producer from Germany decided on the project and deposited Rs.1.70 crore as his investment tragedy struck his life. The project got shelved. Nandakishore remembering his past stated it is at the Davanagere cricket match actor cum director Sudeep gave me life by giving a job. I worked earlier on stage in various capacities and as assistant in a few films. The offer of ‘Kempe Gowda’ to do the associate director job pushed me to a new confidence in life. Before Kempe Gowda the work experience of Nandakishore was in ‘No 73 Shanthinivasa’, Thakkath, Uyyale Kannada films. He shifted his interest to theatre and joined his mother theatre group once again.
In the last eight months I have discussed on Mr Shakthi’s script twice and prepared the screenplay. It is cameraman Sathya Hegde who said something more is possible approved the final script by producer Shankre Gowda.
As a result I am directing the Kannada film for producer Shankare Gowda - ‘Preetham – Tumba Kushi and Swalpa Gam. This is a white collar crime subject where in the young girls are trapped in love. An up to date story and screenplay says Nandakishore. Sri Venkate is the cameraman and this social theme subject with action and love is going the floor soon says Nandakishore. Shruthi, Sharat Lohitashva and others are also in the cast.
The obesity of 140 kilograms of Nandakishore has not disturbed his job. It is only for getting up and sitting he finds the difficulty. It was a few years ago he went to Shabarimalai with hat trick hero Shivarajakumar. He took a challenge that he would climb the hills. On the way back he had a severe muscle catch. The obesity started bothering me since then. When my father Sudhir died I was at home for two years without moving anywhere further developed obesity he remembers.
Raghu is the software Engineer appeared in ‘Jolly Days’ and now in ‘Kempe Gowda’ is the hero of ‘Preetham…Tumba Kushi…swalpa Gam’. Nandakishore is a computer hard ware graduate. He is shooting most part of the film in Mysore and only a little portion in Bangalore.
Who is the heroine of the film? It will be either a Mumbai or Kannada speaking girl. She will be focused in the film as ‘Beladingala Baale’ says Nandakishore.

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