Posted date: 9/June/2011

The title itself is like that! No one can dare these days (except Tehelka and some tabloids) to come out with ‘secrets’ of the past. Many of the dignitaries in the heaven without surfacing the ‘Guttu’ taken the gate pass from this earth.

Effort of Ganesh Kasargod is very clear. Off the record then is on the record today is his policy. The very purpose of telling to a journalist off the record is to make it on the record.

The purpose behind Ganesh Kasargod book ‘Off the Record’ is to keep the people in check. This is different from gossip but truth is tucked in is sure.

Magician of international fame Om Ganesh on a lighted steel surface closed it to get 30 jazzy flowers synchronizing the 30 years of journalism of Ganesh Kasargod. In a magic again from a empty box he folded it with a white cloth and asked Ganesh Kasargod to write something. Opening the curtain was the book ‘Off the Record’.

Senior colleague Sadashiva Shenoy lauded it as a new experiment and explained the journalist-politicians off the record incident.

Dr Jayamala in fact made a brilliant speech on the afternoon. It was guiding, chiding and appreciating one. She preferred to place Ganesh Kasargod as ‘Nyayavadhi’.

Recalling the eye opener articles written by Ganesh Kasargod from ‘Chaduridha Chitragalu’ Dr Jayamala said some of them were shocking and made me to be alert. On the contents she disclosed a sort of fear also balloons up. When I agreed to come to this function I asked straight whether I am a part of ‘Off the Record’. Knowing that I am not part of it, I came here she admitted. Still Dr Jayamala focused the writing should be without any bias.

Ganesh Kasargod’s long time friend a social servant Vijayakka who runs Ajjimane disclosed saying ‘Thanks’ to Ganeshanna is very less.

The man of the afternoon much in demand Ganesh Kasargod was in upbeat mood to explain the recent meet with a colleague. I do Paisa Vasool not for myself. It is for the needy of the industry. Had I made ‘Paisa Vasool’ like how others do, ‘off the record’ would not have been possible is mentioned.


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