Posted date: 11 Mon, Jul 2022 08:51:51 AM

Earning money from the field of art is not the only goal for a very few personalities. In that category falls Deepak Gowda, elder brother of noted producer Umapathy Srinivas Gowda.

That is ‘Salute’ short film from Deepak and he follows in his younger sibling footsteps. It is a well made touching short film ‘Salute’ – the difficulty faced by the police department especially in the Corona Virus situation is brought in different moods of a cop by director Thyagaraj. The cops are unsung heroes many of the time. But this short film brings in the right approach and ‘Salute’ deserves a royal salute for the makers.

One of the reasons for producer Deepak to take up this project as his first is because he wanted to give tribute to the police department. His father Govindaraju was a dedicated police officer. With his friend Balaji Yadav he came into contact with director Thyagaraj to make this short film.

A meaningful and touching tale of a cop`s life in ‘Salute’ enacted by a decent actor of Kannada cinema Ashwin Haasan was declared open by real life senior cop retired Umesh KA. Watching the short film he wondered why the short film ended so soon. Recounting his days in the coronavirus time Umesh stated that it was his retirement time. There was no farewell for him on retirement day. Serving 31 years in the police department my last day in office perhaps no one could have got in the police department felt Umesh in his address.

Noted producer and younger brother of Deepak, Umapathy Srinivas Gowda disclosed how his elder brother stood as backbone from ‘Hebbuli’ film time. I contact my brother first for any venture and after the departure of our father Deepak Anna is rock pillar he adds.

For director Thyagaraj handicap in his life is not an issue when we look at the making of ‘Salute’. In the past he directed Sorry and Sreshtaru. In a poetic way Thyagaraj says ‘Gellorige Kai Tattabeku, Solorige Bennu Tattabeku and Kanasu Kanorige Rekke Katti Sahaya Madbeku’ – that is what producer Deepak Gowda had done. This ‘Salute’ is on the D Beats Youtube from next week he says.

Actor in prime role Ashwin Haasan utilizing the opportunity to the full had given a splendid performance. He is of the opinion that director Thyagaraj is highly talented and he should become a feature film director. Ashwin Haasan thanked producer Deepak for giving him the opportunity to work for ‘Salute’.

Pradyothan has done background music and it is a new experience in the profession he says.

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