Posted date: 12/June/2009

Bharathiya Basha Samsthana – Central Institute of Indian Languages has brought a visual encyclopedia of personalities, places, Kannada languages and Karnataka and it is a must in your cup board. The DVD’s released on Tuesday evening in the presence of noted personalities like KCN Chandrasekhar, Dwarakish, information director Vishukumar and Prof Lingadevaru Halemane by Akshaya Entertainers Private Limited headed by Sanjeev Kumar is priced at just Rs.49. There are three documentaries in each DVD.

Initially thought of 1000 topics is now ready with 200 topics from Bharathiya Basha Samsthana situated at Mysore. This is a joint venture with ministry of Human Resources Development, Department of Higher Education government of India and Manasa Gangotri, Mysore.

The concept and advisor for this unique project is lent by Prof.Udayanarayana Singh and its planning, designing and supervision is made by Prof Lingadevaru Halemane.

Looking at the good work of Bharathiya Basha Samsthana the noted actor, director and producer Dwarakish disclosed he still hopes to make a film ‘Karnataka Vaibhava’ that he had promised to doyen of Kannada cinema director SR Puttanna Kanagal. Such memorable work should reach the masses via Doordarshan. A history channel would be able to showcase everything about Karnataka and Kannada for those who are spread out in nook and corner of this world said Dwarakish.

Pointing to the Diasporas demand Prof.Lingadevaru Halemane this attempt would enlighten the non Kannadigas on the rich cultural heritage and make a ready material for all those who are living in the state and abroad. The 3000 years history of Kannada languages the Bharathiya Basha Samsthana is doing a great service and pricing the documentaries for just Rs.49 is affordable for everyone. This is the wish of Udayanarayana Singh of BBS. This is not in the similar fashion what government has done. The variety is more and work involved is also more. 150 writers, 150 screenplay writers are working for 10/12 hours a day said Halemane.

The director of information Mr Vishukumar in his address said the government has a scheme of giving Rs.75 lakh aid for historical films. Dwarakish intends to take up ‘Karnataka Vaibhava’ he would get it informed the bureaucrat.

The Kannada film producers association President KCN Chandrasekhar lauding the work of BBS this type of DVD should have been released in the presence of Chief Minister of state. This worthwhile cherishing content should be made available in schools and colleges advised the respected KCN.

By the slip of the tongue information director Vishukumar saying let Dwarakish do the film ‘Karnataka Vaibhava’ in his ‘Konegaladalli’ and veteran KCN saying Dwarakish has seen hurdles in this ‘Ili Vayasalli’ baffled everyone at the P2 Hall at KSCA club. Dwarakish was seen on dais with two hands on his head!

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