Posted date: 6/June/2009

While cutting off relationship with her husband S.Mahender is a major move in life of renowned actress Shruthi who is the Chairperson of Women and Child Welfare Development Board also knows how to bind new relationships.

This is the one not related to her new husband Chandrachud but with a young blind and intelligent girl child Vinutha who is studying in third standard.

Yes on 6th of June 2009 actress Shruthi adopted blind Vinutha and signed papers at Ramanashree Ashram in Jayanagar to take care of everything of that child. A good deed indeed! The day happens to be the birthday of Shruthi and Mahender daughter Gowri. At the Ramanashree Blind Ashram the cute Gowri daughter of Shruthi celebrated her 7th year birthday. A cake was cut and sweets were distributed to the children. Actress Shruthi donated Rs.10800 to the Ramanashree Ashram on this occasion.

Shruthi speaking to this correspondent after adoption ceremony said the girl child Vinutha will grow like his daughter Gowri who is studying in the 2nd standard at KLE International. The Lalane, Poshane etc is my responsibility said Shruthi. I am extremely happy with this adoption of child and appreciate the great work done by Ramanashree Blind School said Shruthi.

Meanwhile not even one sitting has taken place after she signed the divorce papers of her husband director S.Mahender.
Shruthi and Mahender daughter Gowri is living now in the house of Shruthi which is situated at Basaveshwaranagara.

With the code of conduct of Elections coming to end the first primary task Shruthi as Chairperson of Women and Child Development Board is taking up is the move to construct 5000 houses to Devadasis who are spread out in Raichur, Belgaum, Koppal, Gulbarga and other districts of Karnataka.

My intention in life is to give new name to ‘Devadasi’. I am in touch with writers in the literary field to coin a new respectable word for ‘Devadasis’ in society says Shruthi.

It has been a long time dream of Shruthi to start an ashram ‘Madilu’ for children in distress. But that has not come to true in life. As an alternative she has take up all care of a girl child today.

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