Posted date: 10/June/2010

For the Kannada film industry here is new state of the art sound system that is found in less strength in A.R.Rehman Studio in Chennai. This one at Adarsh Recording Studio in Rajajinagar, 33, 2nd main 2nd block Rs.15 lakh Digital Microphone and Neumann KH .0500 – German based sound equipments have been installed to get best quality in mastering the sound.

What is available at Rs.3500 per hour in AR Rehman studio in Chennai the double the strength if available at Mallesh owned Adarsh Recording studio at a cheaper cost to save the skin of Kannada film producers. Mallesh the renowned orchestra owner who started Adarsh Recording studio is charging Rs.600 per hour for mastering the sound.

To stand as proof for the quality the magnificent music director Mano Murthy who has world wide knowledge in sound has worked for Yogaraj Bhat ‘Pancharangi’. He came here to record for one hour but immensely satisfied he continued his further work related to ‘Pancharangi’.

Mallesh in a joint venture with Hansa Pictures Kalpesh and Neelesh has introduced the equipments and sound quality to film media on Wednesday morning.

Kalpesh who owns the 1947 Hansa Pictures has wide knowledge in business says there will be transparency in sound. All the Kannada film makers could make use of this equipment.

What is yet another feather in the cap of Kannada cinema industry is that this sound system from Neumann. Berlin is the first stock to arrive in Bangalore. The range of this is not found anywhere in India.

The salient features are – Large diaphragm microphone with cardioids directional characteristics (pressure gradient transducer), Compact characteristic but smaller scale Neumann design, Very high maximum sound pressure level, slight presence boost above 6kHz, Transformer less circuitry.

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