Posted date: 24/November/2010

The sequel to ‘Eradane Madhuve’ ‘Mathondu Madhuvena’ has been completed in Dinesh Baboo style of 14 days and Seetha Matha came out from Vanavasa with Sri Ram and Lakshman after 14 years for settling down….but here is dinesh Baboo Mantra of finishing the film project in 14 days and bailing out the film makers from heavy losses. Dinesh Baboo has the knack of completing his project in two months from the date of hair line story stuck his brain. So it is two months preparation of a film and Dinesh Baboo completing two films in a month is also possible in the coming days. He has that strength!

‘Eradane Madhuve’ was small peg the media made it a big peg and that became a full bottle for the producers. Now sequel is a big peg and sure to be a full bottle…we mean success. We are putting this is after 8 pm statement. Almost Ananthnag meant it like that in his speech it was around 7.30 pm.

National award winning actress Thara said ditto to Ananthnag and expressed her satisfaction and Ascharya as a song has also been completed in 14 days. I feel my role is upgraded says Thara.

Naveen Krishna feels fortunate because when he saw ‘Eradane Madhuve’ he wanted to be in that film somewhere. But in the sequel he has a good role. Priyanka Chandra is his counterpart. Both are doing what Jennifer and Premkumar were supposed to do. In front of Ananthnag and Dinesh Baboo appearing in a role is good gift of god says Naveen Krishna.

Sitting pretty with the success of ‘Chirru’ Giridhar Diwan has done one beautiful melodious song for ‘Mathondu Madhuvena’. Swastik Shanker is in the role of an intoxicant person. He says if producer has to survive Dinesh Babu style is important.

Producer Umesh Banakar is releasing this film in the second week of December and starting ‘Limit’ on 16th of December that has Akshay and Nayana with regular team of Dinesh Baboo.

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