Posted date: 20/January/2009

Confidence on director Chandrasekhar Srivatsav by producer Smt.Pramila (BJP Women wing President) and her son Ajith the actor of ‘Patre Love Padma’ and director’s over confidence plus irresponsible attitude has burnt nearly Rs.1.5 crore. The Rs.2 crore film ‘Patre Love Padma’ was able to get Rs.45 lakhs as satellite right and nothing came from the screening of films admits Ajith son of producer Smt.Pramila.

Quoting one of the examples of misappropriation of funds by director Chandrasekhar Srivatsav the producer son Ajith said once he gave the bill for Rs.2 lakh against Rs.8 lakh payment made for post production work in Chennai for the film. What to do in such a scenario by the newcomer? Ajith asks to himself and pats his head cursing the first leap in to film from ‘Patre Love Padma’. Patre…has left us in penury and it my responsibility to earn the losses (like how Vijaya Raghavendra and Srimurali did till recently for father S.A.Chinne Gowda) says Ajith. He is in ‘Shivakashi’ that went on the floor on Monday morning, accepted ‘Savi Mathu’ for director Jayanth and another one for director Vijayakumar of ‘Nanda Nanditha’ is on the verge of acceptance.

The case of Ajith is another example of earning the money from where you have lost! This time not as a producer but as an actor!

From the beginning the promos made by director Chandrasekhar Srivatsa put the producer and actor in full bloom. Director did not even narrate the story or screenplay of the film. Only when the film first copy was seen we came to know about the film ‘Patre Love Padma’. So much of support and independence was extended but Chandrasekhar Srivatsav did not make use of it hits back Ajith.

When the business proposal came up for Rs.2.5 crore also director Chandrasekhar Srivatsa kept the producer in dark. Had he knew the difficulty of earning the money he would not do like this says Ajith. Finally when the film miserably failed director started weeping like a child. He was consoled by mother. But it was our situation to cry remembers Ajith. At least the investment was assured my mother thought of making two films with the same director added Ajith.

Ajith is not repeating the mistake in his second film ‘Shivakashi’. He has heard the complete script narrated by debutant director B.Ramprakash. Ajith feels cozy and clear in his thoughts on the shaping up of ‘Shivakashi’ that has started rolling from last Monday.

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