Posted date: 15/August/2010

Cinemakke Polu Madodhu andhre Yeega Nimage (media) Thindi Kodastha Irodhu….. Ashte…that was the statement made by former politician Lalitha Naik in her maiden film production ‘Ashanthi’ on Saturday evening at the briefing of the film.

This is a film starring Lalitha Naik also in an important role, her son is hero and director, Sose Anupuma is the heroine and there are some more relatives who have worked for this film, the shooting was also held in the house of Lalitha Naik.

Like how Hana Chellthare for Henda in politics….in the same way in film making also money is spent. I have curtailed it in politics and in cinema I have used strict spending said Lalitha Naik.

This BPL films is attempted at vast change in the social set up. Through politics, social work and writing books what is not possible to tell the large section of audience the same is told via film media. A woman has no strong living condition in our society. A woman underwent rape later loses mental and physical strength. She becomes a strong disturbance in the family that was good all these days. The dual mind of a woman is focused in this film says Naik.

Now I know from where my son brings money. He makes films gets television rights to support his finances said Lalitha Naik.

Director cum hero of ‘Ashanthi’ Omprakash Naik is of the opinion that it is difficult to get television rights money today. He has three films lined up. the marketing is the area where I made mistake in my earlier films James Pandu Comedy Express, Kanasondhu Shuruvaithu and others.

This film ‘Ashathi’ a Mano Vaignanika cinema I have played the hero and in the last film I fell in love with Anupama and married. She is the heroine of the film. We have a kid today said Naik in his address.

Decrying corruption in RTO I came to films. Here also there is corruption. The subsidy one has to get means he has to spend a few lakhs. Why should I spend money like that asks Naik.

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