Posted date: 26 Fri, Nov 2021 04:15:40 PM
Duration – 132 minutes 38 seconds, Category – Love cum thriller, Score – 3.5/5

Title – Amruth Apartments, Producer and Direction – Gururaj Kulkarni, Music – SD Aravind, Cinematographer – Arjun Ajith, Cast – Tarak Ponnappa, Urvashi Goverdhan, Balaji Manohar, Dr Seetha Kote, Manasa Joshi, Sampath Kumar and others.

Writer, director, producer all rolled in to one Gururaj Kulkarni has shown some promise from this film ‘Amrit Apartments’ – his sensibilities, clever handling, measured length of the film, poignant emotional track, the typical software young couple trials and tribulations and the murder mystery pack absorbing – the second half is appealing more and keeps audience in the edge of the seat.

Gururaj Kulkarni gets good support from the artists and technicians in giving a neat and tidy film. Amrit Apartments is a decent family watch of the present generation especially.

In the Amrit Apartment house No.301 is Vasu (Tarak Ponnappa) and Sapna (Urvashi Goverdhan). They are poles apart in thinking. The genesis of Sapna that happened in West Bengal is nothing but a cultural cross connection with Vasu, a simple and humble youth who wished to keep good relations intact.

The EMI couple Vasu and Sapna faces a jolt when murder of Ranjan Das takes place in their apartment. They are in shock and dismay. This level of shock further increases when the body is not found in their room after a few hours.

This leads to complications and Vasu-Sapna has applied for divorce too. They do go to the police station and explain everything. The police found the body found nearby the apartment. The needle of suspicion obviously falls on this couple. However, there is an honest cop who stands by the innocence of Vasu and Sapna controls the further hindrance. At this point of crisis Vasu cares for Sapna and changes her mind. She decides not to sign the divorce papers.

Then who is the murderer, how the police digs the big barricade to book the culprit, has the peace of mind for Vasu and Sapna restored….you have to buy the ticket and watch this film.

Tarak Ponnappa in an emotion filled role and Balaji Manohar as cop scores more marks from their potentiality in acting. Urvashi role is a typical non-Kannadiga role.

The music for the opening song Navu Bandeva…and montage song is convincing. Cinematography of Ajith is quite impressive.

The lovers of family films and circumstances turning villain might watch this film with ease and comfort.
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