Posted date: 26 Fri, Nov 2021 06:38:38 AM
A knowledgeable and unassuming Gururaj Kulkarni film ‘Amrutha Apartments’ a suspense thriller is all set for release all over Karnataka on this Friday, November 26.
We don’t have Huli Kunitha, Longu and Machchu in the film, there is no superstar yet our film is interesting in content and narration. We have a good script that invites audiences to theatres. We organized screening for youths and ladies of this 22 character film ‘Amrutha Apartment’ – we gathered good results mentioning Gururaj Kulkarni in his pride ‘Amrutha Apartments’.
Eminent editor Kemparaj says nearly ten times we have changed the film for the better. There is emotion, suspense and thrill. I suggested a few shots to support the editing. Director GK agreed and helped me in making the final product, he said. At this pre-release event of Amrutha Apartments editor Kemparaj was honored with shawl and Peta for completing editing for over 300 films in Kannada.
The director GK is ambitious and it is a ‘Bengalurina Kathe’, new couple trials and tribulations is part of this film and something new is tried stated talented actor Balaji Manohar. He was only one without the T shirt ‘Navu Bandeva’ at the event.
The EMI life of a married couple and some very good elements cautiously narrated in this film observes handsome and tall actor Tarak Ponnappa.
Manasa has materialized her dream of wearing a cop uniform; this is a family film with twists and turns. I play ACP Rathnaprabha who is a nice cop and every role in this film is special she adds.
Dr Seetha Kote says this is a film made with ‘Kalaji and Kakkalathi’ . The clarity of mind of the director is so good. This film starts and ends with Dr Seetha Kote`s character.
Sithara a popular TV actress says working in this has given satisfaction and for keeping confidence in her she thanked director Gururaj Kulkarni. I was invited for two days shoot but it extended to eight days, says Sithara with a smile.
Sampath Kumar, Jagadish Jaala, Shravan Aithal, Aruna Murthy, Raju Ninasam, Shanker are also in the cast.
Arjun Ajith is cameraman, Kemparaj has done editing, SD Aravind, well known director and composer tuned three songs for this film. K Kalyan, V Manohar and Dr BR Police Patil have written songs.
It is G 9 Communications, Media and Entertainment film.
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