Posted date: 30/May/2009

The couples on screen Ananthnag and Suhasini with three children all grown up decide to marry again. They get hold of different ones. This is funny and this is interesting in the direction of Dinesh Baboo who was not present at the media briefing on last Thursday evening at The Bell Hotel.

Why this second marriage and what kind of situation arises? You better watch says Suhasini the charming lady on Kannada, Tamil, Telugu and Malayalam films. The concept of second marriage is for good or bad we cant say now but there are several people out in the society for the second marriage says Suhasini.

The protocol of Suhasini is such that at the media briefing she declined to give individual interview and so she was on the stage to explain that she has done good quality films in Kannada with versatile artists like Vishnuji and Ananthnag is a very natural actor she said. She pointed that the film fare awards she has won for her acting in Kannada from 1984 to 2009. Benkiyalli Aralidha Hoovu, Amrutha Varshini, Bandhana all got me awards. My heart in Chennai but other than that it is in Kannada cinema. Both the states people should be like brothers and sisters.

Suhasini had come down to Bangalore for dubbing of her portions in Dinesh Baboo’s ‘Eradane Madhuve’. She is in neatly ironed starch saree and plays the bank officer role in this rib tickler. First marriage is not taken seriously said Suhasini that evoked laughter. This is a comedy film she has completed and dubbed for 10 reels so far. Comedy she has done in Telugu and Tamil films not regularly.

When she will come up with direction? I have been prolonging for a long time. I was giving the excuse that my son should go to the University. This year it has happened and probably by 2010 I will take up direction she promised. Dr.Vishnu is always telling me that I should take up direction Suhasini remembered.

Suresh and Rajiv are the producers of this fun filled film. there are three marriages in the film so far 22 days shoot has been completed and there are three bit songs scored by Jaipal.

Navya from Mysore is making debut and she plays the daughter of Ananthnag and Suhasini. This is a ladies oriented film and comedy movie for entire family said Navya who is anchor in Zee Kannada.

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