Posted date: 24/September/2009

Any actor would like to act with versatile actor Ananthnag. According to me he is like Rolls Royce Car. I have acted in a few films with him but this film I stay with him throughout the scenes. This is special for me because of Ananthnag in the cast disclosed the yet another versatile actor of Kannada cinema also a famous director Ramesh Aravind. He was speaking on the sets of ‘Crazy Kutumba’ Kannada film at MD Kaushik Studio on a sunny afternoon.

Ramesh Aravind is known for making good observations and he is not overboard in it. Drawing his attention on his brother in law Ravi Joshi film he said this time he is touching upon the big craze of people Reality Show (In the previous films SMS message and pen drive were aptly used by Ramesh). How a family living in far away from Bangalore would make it to the reality show event is the crux of the crazy family members tale says Ramesh Aravind.

This is a film with rural backdrop. Although comedy is the first layer inside it there is hard reality. As Mallappa Gowda Patil I sacrifice six acres of land and the Mangalasutra for son’s sake. My apple in the family is Gowri. She is the server of Uppinakayi to my pegs that starts early in the morning. I am not like chocolate type of role of a grand father said Ananthnag the most lovable actor of Kannada cinema.

Baby Dhanya studying in the fourth standard of Kumaran School is in to Bharatanatyam with Hema Panchamukhi and learning singing. I have not bunked the school she says. As a child she is performing Bharatanatyam in the film.

Sana who made a pretty good appearance in ‘Eshtu Nagthi Nagu’ is a tolerant wife in this film ‘Crazy Kutumba’. I manage the show in the family and working with a wonderful time I am looking for good time she said.

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