Posted date: 28/August/2009

‘Payana’ Kiran Govi is once again with a catchy title that is having similar meaning title to his debut film. He is now directing ‘Sanchari’ – one who travels that means make ‘Payana’ can only be Sanchari – meaning traveler!

But what kind of traveler is this ‘Sanchari’. He has a criminal past and he wants ‘Love’. Doing criminal activities with his own ideologies ‘Sanchari’ travel for a nice partner in his life.

The traveler ‘Sanchari’ is Raj who is making debut and the lovely lady he is looking for in the film is local Karishma Kapoor – Biaenca Desai. For this criminal story the producers are Lakshmaiah, Ramappa and Prabhakar. One is a financier, another one is brick business man and third one is Jewelry businessman who is also the brother of Prabhakar.

How this Raj got selected for this film? He has acted in small roles in Kannada cinema and his request visit to the house of Lakshmaih and Ramappa made them to draw to the cinema. Raj actually did not want to become hero. But when the search was made the unapproachable remuneration of heroes of Kannada cinema at last made him to go in for accepting this role. It is only after accepting the role he went to training school.

Dharma is in a positive role this time and Subburaj a Telugu films actor who has appeared as baddie on Kannada screen has a good role to play.

Biaenca Desai is making lot of homework to appear for this role. She has to learn swimming and she is scared about water. Only I have courage to face the water flow in the bath room says Biaenca.

Vijay Mohan is the cameraman and Arjun scores the music. Kiran Govi promises to maintain the melody that is more than his first film ‘Payana’.

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