Posted date: 7/May/2009

Well known actress Sudharani came to Kannada cinema at the age of 14 years in 1986 and it is exactly after 23 years her chubby cheek cute chinnu baby Nidhi is appearing on silver screen at the age of seven years. It is OK I can act said the Chaco baby Nidhi sitting on the lap of her mother on Wednesday morning at Vatica House in Bangalore on the muhurut day of ‘Idhu Chakravyuha’.

Actress Sudharani even before 10th standard came to Kannada via ‘Anand’ the debut of Shivarajakumar and clicked enormously. Today she is 100 plus films actress and her performance in any film is good and full of weight.

In ‘Idhu Chakravyuha’ Sudharani and her daughter baby Nidhi are mother and daughter in reel life too. Shashikumar is the counterpart for Sudharani in this film. Sudha and baby Nidhi are kidnapped in this film that is tucked with suspense and thrill.

Genes continues. Baby Nidhi wore a T Shirt that says ‘Future Star’. We welcome it. All the best to baby Nidhi!

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