Posted date: 22 Mon, Nov 2021 08:11:53 AM
The fascination and admiration is like that. Writer of touching songs Rishi also a director has come up with a song that is in fact in the minds of millions of people related to Appu power star Puneeth Rajakumar demise at the age of 46.

In a tearful meet a song was dedicated to late Puneeth Rajakumar was very touching in singing and lyrics.

Appu Madida Tappenu Shivane….asks Rishi in the touching song produced and sung by Somashekhar in Sriguru music. Rishi had not taken bath from October 29 till now and it is his height of frustration.

The song Shivane Nee Iddare Ninage Manasiddare…. Puneeth Rajana Kalisikodu Kannadambe Priti Muththu Swaththu Kane Agide Ivaththu…Hudukikodi aa Muththu … Appu Madida Tappenu….Karune Illada Katuka Neenu….Yee Rishiya Jeeva Tegedubidu Puneeth Rajana Kalisikodu….brings tears in the eyes because of its rendering. The audio visual is very effective and it has already reached over 50 lakhs views in the facebook and what’s up group.

Somashekhar and Rishi jointly decided to handover the song to PRK banner and proceeds earned from it to use in social work if the motto of the duo.

Director of ‘Kotlalappa Kai’ Kannada cinema Rishi known for Olithu Madu Manusa Nee Irodu Mooru divasa… says my ‘Dilpasand’ is no more and I am not able to digest it. Rishi and Puneeth Rajakumar are dispasand friends – when Puneeth used to come to play cricket in his younger days the common bakery the two used to eat dilpasand – later the meeting shifted to Video corner to sip tea. Rishi remembers that Puneeth wanted to be a big businessperson and not a hero. I shared six months in a common gym and the meeting started slowing down. After hearing to my Olithu Madu manusa…song Puneeth stated this song is equal to several films.

Somashekhar maker of ‘Naa Kolike Ranga’ in fact took three songs from Appu for his film starring Anand. In seven days, this song spending Rs.1.5 lakh is ready. Singing this song was not his choice but of director Rishi. The song

This five minutes and 36 seconds song ‘Appu Madida Tappenu…is recorded in Renu studio. 
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