Posted date: 19/December/2008

The famous bureaucrat Mr I.M.Vittalamurthy IAS speaking at the audio launch of ‘Sacha’ Kannada film made it clear that the model for Kannada films should be Malayalam and not Hollywood films like ‘Titanic’. He cautioned the investors in Kannada films to follow the discipline in the financial and selection of script. The films should not be like construction of a building. It should not be built because of the taste of the architect. If that is the case the owner becomes a pauper. The life of the producer should be progressive said IMV effortlessly in his speech.

Pointing to monotonous films in Kannada he said the Kannada films are washing out from the theatres like how fast they come on screen. Looking at Pandit Parameshwara Hegde IMV recalled the film music of Ravishanker and Rajeev Taranath.

In the Guru Audio released Kannada film ‘Sacha’ on Thursday evening at The Bell Hotel noted producer S.A.Govindaraju who jointly released the audio album wished success for the team of the film.

Pandit Parameshwara Hegde the evening that belonged to him said his first commercial cinema said he loves the world music provided it is pleasant. There are only good and bad music he said and preferred to say ‘Audience is the Supreme Court’.

Director Raj explained the realistic approach he has made for the film and so is hero Vickey who said the life of Hotel, Bar and lodge workers could be traced in this cinema.

Lyricist Hrudayashiva, actress Divyasri, Nikitha, producer Madesh, Guru audio proprietor spoke on this occasion.

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