Posted date: 27 Wed, Oct 2021 10:08:27 AM
It was a crowded pre release event for ‘Bhajarangi 2’ on Tuesday night at Taj West End for Jayanna and Bhogendra production. The toughest work with dedication and discipline for ‘Bhajarangi 2’ were explained by the artists and technicians and the film is making entry to cinema halls on 29th of October, 2021.

As one of the guests, director Santosh Anand Ram preferred to call Jayanna and Bhogendra as ‘Warning Brothers’ remembering the Hollywood makers Warner brothers. This warning is for the good of the film corrected Dr Shivarajakumar and director A Harsha did not agree with ‘Warning Brothers’ coining for his producers and he stated that a massive set was re-erected in another lavish style shows the generous thoughts of the producers he said. When Harsha became emotional with tears for taking care of his health by producer Jayanna when he was in Hyderabad for post production activities it was producer Jayanna who consoled him and said don’t worry you have done an excellent work for ‘Bhajarangi 2’.

Director of reputed films today with a strong dance director background, A Harsha is waiting to watch his film in the theatres. It is a journey from 2019 June until this date. I had really seen different Jayanna and Bhogendra from this film.

Hat trick hero Dr Shivarajakumar in his address stated ‘Jayanna and Bhogendra’ are ‘Dildaar’ producers, the warning comes from producers is always for good of the film he felt. Cheluvaraj in this film is like and English actor. The performances of Bhavana Menon, Shruthi are so good in this film. Shruthi is finest actress of our country said Shivanna that brought huge smile on the face of actress.

Turning to Yash as a very sweet and handsome actor, Shivanna said again that he is a fan of his brother Puneeth Rajakumar. The dancing skills of actors like Puneeth Rajakumar, Vinod Raj, Shashikumar, Chiranjeevi Sarja, Dhruva Sarja are very fine mentioned Shivanna in his speech.

Rocking star Yash, power star Puneeth Rajakumar on stage was joined by century star Dr Shivarajakumar and there were some dancing moments on the stage.

The songs, trailer and performances were an entertainment part of the evening of Bhajarangi 2 pre release event.

Costume designer Yogi G Raj, dialogue writer Raghu Niduvalli, Anand Audio Shyam, cameraman Swamy J, actors Bhavana Menon, Shruthi, three villains Cheluvaraju, Prasanna and Girish (araka, Jagrava and Guruji in the film), Loki another key actor, three directors who are connected to Jayanna Films – Santosh Anand Ram, Rishab Shetty and Dinakar Toogudeepa were on stage.

There were appreciations of skills and good nature from Rocking star Yash to Shivanna and Power star Puneeth Rajakumar said he loves to see his elder brother in village roles such as Man Mechchida Hudugi Janumada Jodi, Kurubana Rani etc.

Nearly two hours pre release of ‘Bhajarangi 2’ was conducted by anchor Anupama Gowda and Shreyas Media sponsored the event. 
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