Posted date: 22 Mon, Nov 2021 08:14:19 AM
One photo explains one thousand words cannot! This is told repeatedly! Now we have a new Kannada film that is a techno thriller besides being a family drama based on a ‘Photograph’ – Bhavachitra starring very popular Magalu Janaki Ganavi Lakshman and Chakravarthy came before the media and gathered good attention for the trailer prepared by director Girish Kumar B and his team.

Director Girish Kumar (this is his second film – first one was Avahayaami) stunned by his statement that ‘Cinema is like a Cockroach’ – you put a bomb on a cockroach it will not die. When it is reversed, it finds it difficult to get back. If not genius but we have made genuine attempts he says on the good research work done for the film script ‘Bhavachitra’. For this film a new camera G 2 is used for the first time. The main backbone among actors is Ganavi Lakshman says Girish Kumat introducing his team -  Chakravathy of Yaana fame as hero, Bijjal in screenplay, Buji Girish as villain, Jashwanth, Jannifer Harry as costomer, Pooja Bharate as sister, Yuva Kishor as another villain, Rathna as customer, Lokendra, Karthik Sundaram, Vasudevan and of course the highly popular actor Avinash doing a role that he had not done before.

Ratish Kumar is editor, Gautham Srivatsav has done music for four songs, Ajay Kumar is cinematographer, Sachin, Shanker and Vinay Nadkarni are team of producers of this film.

Ganavi Lakshman in her address stated that this is her first cinema but she was a major part of Rishab Shetty starring ‘Hero’. She appreciated the director and his team for giving care for very small things in shooting proceedings and added that one day 21 hours of shoot was held. It is not Kashta but Ishta Pattu Madida cinema.

Chakravarthy of Yaana Kannada film is very confident of a good film on silver screen soon from this ‘Bhavachitra’. One small incident takes us to various levels in the film is the highpoint he adds.

The trailer of Bhavachitra was declared open by Chakravarthy and Ganavi Lakshman after lighting the lamp in front of Chamundeswari idol at Chamundesware studio on Saturday afternoon. 

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