Posted date: 14/February/2009

The completion of the film ‘Gundragovi’ has shut some of the bad tongues in Gandhinagar says the team of the film. Ye Nodtha iru 15 divsa shooting admele Yee film ‘Gundragovi’ makada malagutte! Was taken seriously but did not blacken Sathya! He made up his mind further strong and financial crunch faced by the film team finally got over with Mahesh and Gopi coming center stage.

Shot extensively in Chickmagalur district Mattavar and Hireholla only 10 percent of the shoot was held in Bangalore remembers producer Gopalakrishna speaking to the media on Thursday. Apparently Gopalakrishna also plays an important role in the film. He has come to cinema field to become an actor but today is also one of the producers of the cinema ‘Gundrogovi’. Starting from 15th October 2008 the entire shoot was completed in 40 days instead of the earmarked 45 days schedule said the happy looking Gopalakrishna.

Sathya from notable roles in Aa Dinagalu and Slum Bala was bit hesitant in the beginning. His mind was not alright till 25 percent of shoot. Once he came to know about the involvement of director Tharesj Raj he got relieved from his attachment to every area of work and started concentrating only on his acting.

The people who said after 15 days shoot will be stopped should know that the film has come to the sale stage. We had problems financially in the beginning but it is not a problem now. See what work we have done and then give us impetus informed Sathya.

Actress Navyasri in her second film has learnt to speak without fear. She explained the classical dance in which she has figured and two others songs are lovely. The apprehensions in her mind that why such a title has been kept for the film has now got answer.

A driver of director Omprakash Rao reaching the stage of director today was not an easy task for Tharesh Raj. It is Gopalakrishna who made me director for my story said director Tharesh Raj.

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