Posted date: 18/September/2010

With versatile actor Ananthnag and Ranganath Bharadwaj ace television journalist Kannada the humble cameraman of Kannada cinema Mathew Rajan is making foray in to direction from ‘Bombeyatavaiah’ for producer Ravi a politician and real estate businessman.

At Kanteerava studios the posters of the Congress politician G Ravi was equal to artists of the film showed his craze for publicity. Producer Ravi says it is ‘Samsarika Bombeyata’. All are puppets in this world he feels. In 1.5 crore he is making the film and trust the team very much. The first film of Ravi ‘Vismaya Pranaya’ is at the production stage and the shooting was stopped for six months he disclosed.

Cameraman of many Kannada films the unsung technician Mathew Rajan has done the story, screenplay and direction and his favorite camera will be handled by him.

He is shooting in Bangalore, Chickmagalur and Mysore. I am puppet to my story says Mathew Rajan.

Ranganth Bharadwaj is pitted against Mayuri alias Asha Saini of ‘Dheemaku’ and ‘Vismaya Pranaya’.

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