Posted date: 9/June/2010

Right from the days of former Regional censor officer Chandrasekhar there has been heated argument between the censor and cinema industry. With one point very clear that the guidelines set is not uniform in all the states now the argument comes from a good writer, director and editor Agni Sridhar that there is no need for censor.

For this Karma Bhoomi where we live with sisters, sister in laws and with various regional people together Agni Sridhar says there is no need for censor as there is no censor in America and Scandinavia. Agreed there is no censor for television and other states censor certification is liberal there is a need to call for uniform policy to censor certification. What is free in other states cannot be restricted here in Karnataka is what often discussed and tantrums thrown on this issue.

Now the pinch is touching Agni Sridhar this issue has cropped. But he never talked about it earlier. At the media conference he says when something happens I would answer pointing to his film ‘Thamassu’. With dangerous (as felt by many) statements like ‘Allah and Ram’ are Shaithans and we don’t want them what happens tomorrow no one can predict even Agni Sridhar. In some remote place of Karnataka because of this issue a few lives go away what answer Agni Sridhar can give is the point to take note.

Like how we grow under the tutelage of our parents and then chiseled by Gurus the need of the hour is not to argue there is no need for censor. This is not right aspect to question but uniform guidelines and even censoring the film in any part of the country could be stressed. This is what we can focus. That means in every region the censor guidelines will be uniform.

Hat trick hero Shivarajakumar was right in his observations that some liberalization has to come and good things should not be curbed to express. Shivarajakumar wants the censor but it should be necessarily changed. Pointing to the film ‘Thamassu’ he says we have not made a vulgar film. Censor Olle Rithi beku! Yochisi Kodabeku!

Shivanna compared ‘Thamassu’ to the level of ‘Chiguridha Kanasu’.

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