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Bar Bar Deko…Yee Chandini Baar….with a caption Sarve Jana Sukhino Bhavanthu! How can one going to bar be happy ever after. Enne Angadi that is ‘Bar’ is a place for all emotions says new director Raghavendra Kumar an assistant in the camp of Baraguru Ramachandrappa and Manju Swaraj.

‘Chandini Bar’ is not the story of ‘Kudiyor’ but ‘Dudiyor’!  At Renukamba digital theater the teaser of the film, the title track and the melodious O Nalle Kannalle Kollolu Nanna…screened at the media briefing of the film.

Raghavendra Kumar hailing from Tondal village of Hunsur taluk studied at Raj Institute of cinema and got an opportunity to work in Angulimala of Prof Baraguru Ramachandrappa. He has tucked various emotions of people in the society and finally arrives at the friendship, relations work out. He prepared a set for ‘Chandini Bar’ and shot for 43 days in Mysuru. The film got a U/A certificate.

This is a crowd funded movie of 15 friends from various fields contributing as investment. The artists and technicians without taking payment and doing all work is also an investment for the film.

Sukruthi Prabhakar debut film says it is a five years effort. She is in a Nursing student role and she is MA in Bharatanatyam, it is a difficult field to survive opines the debut actress.

Chetan Sharma is cinematographer and he worked with Srisha Kuduvalli and Udaya Leela. The director cum hero Raghavendra Kumar narrated the story to him in a bar counter.

Vishak and Karthik of Nagalapura composed five songs in the debut film, they have also written lyrics and sung for this film.

It is a Camera Movies production. Raghavendra Kumar, Siddu Badanavau, Manikanta, Sukrishi Prabhakar, Rashmi, Manju Arya, Vijay Karthik, Sampath Maithreya. Soorya Shekkhar, Srivatsa, Ravikumar, Bharat Kumar and others are in the cast.

A2 Music is bringing music , Prashanth Hebbur is art director, BS Kemparaj edited this film and is the only senior in the team.


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