Posted date: 9/April/2010

At the 1.30 pm slot the telecast of ‘Bombaat Boojana’ produced by Kushi Creations and anchored by Sihikahi Chandru gained the No 1 position compared to all the programs in all the channels at that time. This is telecast in Suvarana 24 Carat. Mouth watering recipes prepared by Sihikahi Chandru in the kitchen is the dominant factor.

‘Bombaat Bojana’ by Sihi Kahi Chandru anchoring, preparing and eating it too has gained absolute popularity not only in Karnataka but also abroad in countries like Australia, Newzealand and other places.

On the occasion of ‘Bombaat Bojana’ reaching the 50th episode Sihikahi Chandra organized a media gathering in the presence of Mr Vinod, VP of non fiction division of Suvarana channel at the new Final Cut office in Nayandanahalli situated on Mysore Road.

Sihikahi Chandru preparing ‘Kajoor Gajar Kayali’ (similar to carrot Halva) eating a bit and served the same to the media persons at the lunch. In a funny style not missing the good preparation Chandru is also offering useful tips on various issues that matter very much to the public. What is Yamaganda Kala is the issue he has taken up for the 50th episode.

Chandru is not a newcomer to this kind of mouth watering preparations. In Doordarshan he has conducted ‘Rasa Paaka’ in Udaya TV he was anchor for ‘Nala Paaka’ that went for 39 episodes.

With hugely popular ‘Bombaat Bojana’ in Suvarna now Chandru is catching with variety of food items in nook and corner of Bangalore to Mysore. He is taking up the task of writing a book for the 100th episode. He is giving tips like Mathu Kivimathu, Hanigavana, Kai Ruchi etc in the telecast of his episodes.

V Manohar has done the title track and scored the music. Premkumar Talakadu and Pradip are the cameramen. The assistant director for this ‘Bombaat Bojana’ is Rajalakshmi Rajasekhar.

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