Posted date: 24/February/2009

It is not a win for B.L.Venu as the title of ‘Veera Madhakari’ is changed to ‘Shathamanadha Madhakari’. It is a further blow because for one century this remake film ‘Veera Madhakari’ denotes something else but certainly not agreeing to the protest of B.L.Venu who is not a Prime Minister of Chief Minister to dictate according to actor cum director Sudeep.

On the other hand ‘Kiran Bedi’ in the cloud of controversy for the title is now rechristened as ‘Kannadadha Kiran Bedi’ of course retaining all the contents in the film. Ramu Enterprises had trouble for ‘Maasthi’ title that was later changed as ‘Masthi’ with the intervention of hat trick hero Shivarajakumar some time back.

Now the trouble that comes after the Amrutha Mahotsava celebration for the non Kannada language titles! The first one already facing problem is R.Chandru’s ‘Prem Kahani’ that is considered as Hindi title.

The other films like ‘HOLIDAYS’, B.C.Pail’s ‘SALUTE’, PIPELINE, LIFE STYLE, HOUSE FULL, JAMES PANDU COMEDY EXPRESS – 2007 launched films yet to release Kingfisher, Dark, Silence, Bhimoos Bang Bang Kids, Gandhi Smiles, ‘NAM AREALI ONDHINA’ TEAM’, School Master (earlier Master) National High Way No.1, Ms India, High School are in the news for a long time now.

While a number of other Kannada films with non Kannada titles in the last year - Psycho, Satya in Love, Orata I Love You, Circle Rowdy Operation Ankusha Right Adhre Happy New Year PUC, CITIZEN, MY GREETINGS, CIRCUS, JOLLY DAYS got released without any fuss.

There are titles in the past and present that has half English and half Kannada. To quote a big example – Raj – The Showman!

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