Posted date: 26 Tue, Jul 2022 10:06:39 AM

Another grace to the already popular Pan India film `‘Vikran Rona`has come from the Cinedubs application that one can download from a play store in smartphone and enjoy the language they are comfortable to watch. This is provided the particular movie is dubbed into that language.

After a rousing reception to Rocketry – The Nambi effect, Mr Adhitya Kashyap co-founder and CEO of Cinedubs with his brother Vineeth Kashyap reached the Indian market rapidly. In the first film they have got 14000 subscribers and now `Vikrant Rona`Kichcha Sudeepa film also combines with this cinedubs application for the cinema buffs world over.

As of now `Vikrant Rona`set for release on 27th at five screens at Dubai a mega premiere is releasing worldwide on 28th of July in six languages. 

On Monday morning (25th July 2022) the film media in Bengaluru SRV Theater Malleswaram had the live experience when the Telugu version of `Vikrant Rona`was played on the screen.

Cinedubs a software company specializing in mobile application to the entertainment platform is designed at a cost of Rs.5 crores and it is sure to revolutionize the next generation technology where one can hear the movies in the language of their choice.

For example a Kannadiga residing at Canada is having English version of `Vikrant Rona` at the exact time of start in the theater he can download the application on your smartphone use the headphones and make selection of Kannada language and without a fraction of disturbance in sync he would feel the satisfaction of watching in Kannada. After watching the film the download erases and there is absolutely no scope for copying it. It is 360 degree sound and so far applicable up to 5.1 technologies. There is a DRM (Digital Rights Management) system too attached for this application.

The beauty of cinedubs application is that it is available even for the OTT platforms, the next generation discovery is a most wanted tool to enjoy and entertain in the language of your choice wherever you are in the globe.

Mr Aditya Kashyap and team are expecting one million subscribers to reach a comfort zone for the discovery made. In fact Aditya Kashyap explained the language problem when he was in Paris, his brother Mr Vineeth Kashyap said `you bring the problem and I will get the solution` – this is how the new invention cropped up.


There is absolutely no internet requirement and absolutely free as of today to acquire benefits of cinedubs application. 

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