Posted date: 13/January/2010

In the days of fast changing addresses, phone numbers and even relationships here is one comprehensive directory for the Cinema and Television industries. The first compliment for MG Lingaraju, editor and publisher of the director is that he pointed that it would not be made available to the general public in stores and malls to avoid inconvenience. Good thought! But you cannot be sure that it cannot reach general public Mr Lingaraju.

However the good attempt is appreciated and the different departments in Kannada cinema and television industry coming to make this compulsory to buy is also a surprising development.

The 5th edition of 500 pages, 5000 addresses, 500 photographs of directory looks colorful and it is priced at Rs.400. It has over 50 sections and search is easy. In some of the addresses the email addresses given is another up to date.

This was released jointly by veteran journalists AS Murthy, PG Srinivasamurthy, Ganesh Kasargod, SA Chinne Gowda, Ravindranath of Okkuta, Sanjeev Thagadur of Karnataka Television Association and Muralidhar Halappa were present on the dais.

MG Lingaraju addressing on this occasion said it is the 10th year of Nandini Publications. His son Master Chakravarthy also helped him in coming out with this directory. He thanked everyone connected to the coming up of the 5th edition of ‘Cinema TV Directory’.

Meanwhile MG Lingaraju a cinema PRO too has sacrificed his favorite Idli Chatni, reading of newspapers deeply and watching films for one full year. That is because he was lost in the process of this useful directory.

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