Posted date: 27/October/2010

Lack of general knowledge and lack of cooperation sometimes the actor like Sharan creates ruckus for the neatly planned films.

This is related to Rs.25000 issue that comedy actor Sharan created problems. That was the TDS (Tax Deducted at Source) money which he has to get through the right departments. That is deducted in his payment of Rs.5 lakhs for the film ‘Madhondu Madhuvena’ by producer Umesh Banakar.

Sharan behaved so badly and he did not agree to the point that it will be routed the tax department to him. He demanded Rs.25000 from the producer Umesh Banakar and said he would not dub until the money is given to him.

It was time for producer Umesh Banakar to hit at his head for the poor knowledge of the actor. Finally to make everything go according to the plans Umesh Banakar adjusted Rs.25000 and sent to Sharan house and then only he dubbed his portions.

Working in a good team of director and artists Sharan behavior has upset producer Umesh Banakar. Even before the start of the film ‘Mathondu Madhuvena’ Sharan asked for the full payment because he wanted to decide on the land formalities. The entire amount was given to him three days before the start of the shooting. He did not remember it when he demanded Rs.25000 that is supposed to come via tax department.

Actress Tara the national award winning actress did not demand for the balance payment and said when is the next film to Umesh Banakar. When such senior artists are having such attitudes why not actors like Sharan asks Umesh Banakar.

Director Dinesh Baboo is also upset with such attitudes of Sharan. My best producer so far in the career is Umesh Banakar says Dinesh Baboo speaking to this correspondent over telephone.

Sharan it is time you behave properly is what we have to say now!

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