Posted date: 25/October/2009


The scoop news is that ‘Hoo’ a film by V.Ravichandran for producer Dinesh Gandhi starring Meera Jasmine, Namitha in the lead roles is getting ready for release on January 14, 2010. That is even before ‘Manjina Hani’ and ‘Kichaka’.

‘Kichaka’ a film by producer Munirathnam a contractual cinema by crazy star V Ravichandran is appearing on the silver screen in March or April 2010. It is for this film ‘Kichaka’ actress Nayanthara has backed out saying she is not prepared to be the same old Nayanthara as she is entering the wedlock. The rumor mill feeds that Nayanthara is closely connected to boneless wonder Prabhudeva and making foray in to Hindi cinema.

What about ‘Manjina Hani’ you must be wondering. It is planned for next year birthday of crazy star V.Ravichandran May 30 2010. Nathanya Singh, Bhavana and others are in the cast of ‘Manjina Hani’ that is shot with mist as background.

The crazy star, trailblazer V Ravichandran the pride of Kannada cinema is not sitting quiet from last two years. Not come before the audience is true but hectic work is going on with two laptops in his personal chamber.

‘Just One Minute’ the very often used in our social life has attracted the crazy star V Ravichandran. He is contemplating on ‘Just One Minute’ subject. He is likely to be the solo character in that film. A refined version of ‘Ekangi’ you could say.

Another major development is launching his son who is all fit now. V Ravichandran has asked his son to inform three months earlier on his coming before the camera interest. That time has come. I have an excuse when I come on screen. People scold me for bad film with affection I know. But for my son he is V.Ravichandran son is the only advantage says the dream merchant.

‘Neenu Atthaga Neenu Nakkaga Jana spandisabeku’ Adhe Ninna Yogyathe is the only advice V Ravichandran given to his son.

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