Posted date: 10/November/2009

Hat trick hero Shivarajakumar is the ‘Energy Factory’, only he could do such stupendous work, ‘A’ brand cinema is Anaji Nagaraj’s ‘SUGREEVA’ are main observations of the 10 directors who addressed the media at the get together on last Saturday in The Bell Hotel. It was a cocktail party arranged by producer Anaji Nagaraj who is brimming with happiness because as a small boy working in a market made a mammoth film – the happiness in him was evident from his short speech.

While it was an unforgettable day for producer of multi crores ‘Sugriva’ Anaji Nagaraj the main director Prashanth a Malayali spoke in Kannada and was happy with the team work challenge materializing precisely like he thought. The one time artists could only get such work done for the directors and Shivarajakumar has crossed my expectations for the better he pointed.

Daiva Shakthi and Shivarajkumar are the two constituents for this project fulfilling said director Nagendra Magadi Pandu, it is easy to collect 10 producers and make a film not 10 directors to make a film observed Anantharaju, coming from Kerala and clubbing 10 directors and cameramen Prashanth and our Shivarajakumar plus Anaji ambition made this possible opined Raghav Loki, Shivarajakumar is the energy factory said PN Sathya who felt happy for 9 directors responding to the call of director Prashanth, it is not only affection but with love and what we need is people love for ‘Sugriva’ said Arjun, I was with hectic job to complete 18 scenes and I would say sorry for not talking to media on the spot but speak again 100 days of ‘Sugriva’ quipped Pramod Chakravarthy.

The cameramen who came to the media address of happy get together of ‘Sugriva’ remained silent. Actor Harish Raj observed this film has created a history, Yagna Shetty said the collective effort only pump such projects, Kote Prabhakar was right in his statement that only Shivarajakumar could take such tasks. Master Chiranjeevi thanked everyone for relieving his tension.

Prakash Heggodu, Anitha Bhat (of Psycho fame) and Achyuth Rao felt extremely happy and wished success for Anaji Nagaraj magnificent effort.


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