Posted date: 6/March/2009

The prominent Kannada film star Darshan the challenging star and his ‘Navagraha’ colleagues are upset with the attitude of Karnataka Film Chamber of Commerce pointing to the books it has brought out at the Amrutha Mahotsava event.

There is no book on Toogudeepa Srinivas has definitely upset star actor Darshan. Likewise there are other actors of ‘Navagraha’ the sons of veteran actors of Kannada cinema also upset for documenting the services of their proud fathers.

In the 75 books ‘Amrutha Mahotsava Pustaka Male’ released by governor of Karnataka Rameshwar Thakur on the day two event only book on Tiger Prabhakar has been published and that is written by 100 plus dialogue writer B.A.Madhu.

Books on Toogudeepa Srinivas, Sundarakrishna Urs, Dinesh, Sudhir…does not figure in the list of books.

Unhappy with such careless attitude of the KFCC the perturbed sons are meeting the President Dr.Jayamala on 9th of March.

On Thursday evening former KFCC President HD Gangaraju expressed displeasure with the whole functioning of the KFCC in the leadership of Dr.Jayamala. HD Gangaraju has 10 connected Companies that deserve the invitation to the Amrutha Mahotsava but it has not reached. Only a letter stating that he will be honored with no date and time has reached him has further upset him. A person was sent to the office of Gangaraju in Gandhinagar on Saturday morning 9 am but the office was not opened. He had come with two invitations. Who would open the office at 9 am and two invite is impossible to cope up for the first day event said Gangaraju.

Now you tell me whether I should come or not to the event you tell me said Gangaraju. He is unhappy with the elephant structures broken and the tiles used in the poor quality to the first floor of KFCC. It was not his plan. His advice for good quality did not work. After that incident a few months ago he is not even going to KFCC office.


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