Posted date: 17/March/2009

Dr.Jayamala Ene Adhru Naanu Make up Alisalla – Challenging Star Darshan

Reason – The book on Darshan father Toogudeepa Srinivas was not one among the 75 books brought out at the Amrutha Mahotsava second day function at Bangalore Palace.

This shows the ‘Samskara’ of Darshan. I am like his mother. Maga Thaayi Saavu Bayasidha andhre En Helali – Dr Jayamala.

This is the biggest controversy aftermath of Amrutha Mahotsava the platinum jubilee of Kannada cinema.

Reacting to the statement made by top ranking hero Darshan today noon at Press Club of Bangalore the equally dashing leading lady and President of Karnataka Film Chamber of Commerce Dr.Jayamala said the ‘Black Boys’ of today have given a winning position to KFCC. They have realized that a book should come in their respective father’s names. What they were doing all these years? Jayamala asks.

The villains of Kannada cinema were only villains on screen. Off screen they were gems in real life. The villain sons are heroes on screen and villains in real life reacted Dr.Jayamala taking time for the most disgusting statement made by actor Darshan.

The Amrutha Mahotsava has given awareness to all these black boys (all villain sons were in black uniform at the press briefing) of Monday. We had in mind to release 50 more books. Along with souvenir of Amrutha Mahotsava the chapters like hero, heroine, villains, producers and growth of Karnataka Film Chamber of Commerce was planned. There are so many people left out. We in the industry consider either Toogudeepa Srinivas or Sundarakrishna Urs as the property of the Kannada cinema industry and they are the father figures says Dr.Jayamala.

‘Nanna Saavu Bayasidduru devaru avarige olledhe Madali’! This is because a mother cannot think badly to the son but a son can do anything to the mother said Dr.Jayamala in choked voice.

Had everyone thought like these black boys the Kannada industry would not have grown for 75 years Dr.Jayamala sharply attacked – Darshan and gang in the KFCC are not ready to hear anything – they said they will go to court, Nammappana bagge book thandre Enmadthini Nodthiru….said Darsha. Is he going to murder me? If that happens he will be the reason for it said Jayamala.

In the 35 years of my career no one said like this to me. I would definitely take this issue with the seniors in the industry said Dr.Jayamala.

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