Posted date: 17/December/2008

The captain of the film and owner of the ship – director and producer Dayal Padmanabhan at the Capitol Hotel on Monday evening making a frank admission at the twin function – Rock Track launch and Trailer launch of ‘Circus’ Kannada film said professionally he does not have ego but he has the aspiration to make money and take fame when it comes to business, cinema making – in that way I have the Ego he said after inviting his technicians on stage and giving away the flowers as a mark of respect.

By taking risk I have given a risk less entertainment to people from ‘Circus’ Dayal went poetic and said why did he selected Emil as music director. He is good as a sound designer and working with AR Rehman he has kept a shade that is good for composing songs. He gets the right judgment but has given more than what I wanted he said. The new variety in music you would appreciate it he said. I have the self satisfaction and want money and do not compare the previous business. I don’t believe in the traditional feels. I would not compare anyone. He thanked the Mayoori Audi for carrying out the marketing of the audio. On the making of trailer also Dayal said he is over confident.

Pointing the right remark Rockline Venkatesh said we all believe in only people not anyone. He has immensely liked the confidence and attitude in work of Dayal. The children would love the cinema and Rock wished all the Kannada film should make tremendous business.

Puneeth lauded the way in which Dayal invited the technicians on stage and remembered them on this occasion.

The cynosure on the evening Golden star Ganesh said ‘Dayal is Demon’ in work. This romantic thriller hectic shoot for 25 days in Mysore railway station and over all it is a pleasure working with this film he said.

Actress Archana Gupta, lyricists Yogaraj Bhat, Kaviraj, Manjunatha Rao, choreographer Murali, cameraman Shekar Chandru also spoke a few words on this occasion.

Four songs of ‘Circus’ were screened on this occasion. Murali and team performed another song on stage. The trailer made by Dayal of ‘Circus’ is very chilling.

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