Posted date: 8/June/2010

I would pick a story and then suitable actors for it rather going behind the winning horses and then picking the story – This is Jack Manjunath speaking at the completion of sequel film ‘Deadly 2’ that is directed by Ravi Srivatsa and assisted by Sushma in the direction department.

Ravi Srivatsa went beyond the expectations by saying even my shadow may miss but Adhitya was so intimate to the project he lauded the actor the ‘Deadly 2’ hero. Adhitya is a part and parcel of my film. I hope the zeal of the producer do not come down. This is a tricky screenplay film he informed.

Aditya is pinning hopes on this film because in the underworld set up the narration is quite different. It is straight and tricky he informed. The co stars of Aditya Muni, Pratap, debutant Sai Krishna are all quite happy. Actress Meghana says there was no commotion whatsoever; the strength is the power of every character she added.

Ravi Srivatsa’s Shradde was appreciated by senior technician and popular comedy actor Sadhu Kokila.

The highly respected dynamic hero Devaraj felt that it would not be that efficient when he heart the script but he had to change his opinion when he had seen his portions at the dubbing time. Ravi is a hard working director. There are not much of stunts but emotions he has touched. Mathew Rajan behind the camera has done well. This is a film made with lot of love and affection added Devaraj.

The arrangement of team of ‘Deadly 2’ coming before in department wise and informing their experiences a new thought of PRO of the film deserves compliments.

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