Posted date: 6/August/2010

For the way in which the film has shaped up actor Aditya is anxious to show the film to media as early as possible.

The same excitement was seen when the clippings and opinions of the film was shown in screen. Actress par excellence Suhasini Manirathnam observed that the ability of Ravi Srivatsa is very good and the highly emotional role she has done is very special in her career so far. She wants to be more and more in Ravi Srivatsa film. Suhasini also appreciated the sweet looking Meghana Mudiyan.

This time director Ravi Srivatsa film is not in any sort of problem with the censor.Producer Manjunath and Murthy of ‘Deadly-2’ are releasing the film in August 2010 has some specialties. After ‘Mission Istanbul’ Hindi film it is only in Kannada the highest number of scenes is seen in ‘Deadly-2’ a film directed by Ravi Srivatsa for producer Manjunath and Murthy.

A quick narration film ‘Deadly-2’ Ravi Srivatsa has accommodated 131 scenes in which 79 scenes are pre interval while the rest in the second half in this two hours three minutes cinema. For the entire first half the second half gives answer with a strong social message for police department and society says Ravi Srivatsa.

The 131 scenes in ‘Deadly-2’ is a record in South India it is learnt and this credit goes to Kannada film. It is roughly 5300 shots shot in over one lakh footage of film.

Meghana Mudiyan addressing the media said she was given the task of doing much of expressions from her eyes which she did successfully.

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