Posted date: 5/May/2011

The confidence available in the first time director is what counts a lot when he comes before the media. Deepak Aras has shown extremely good approach with his debut film ‘Manasology’ based on the real life story.

He has given a good outline of the film and expressed why he is coming before the media only now. For the audio of this ‘Manasology’ Deepak Aras has introduced the locking system with import of technology from Mumbai. He has plans to release the film in June. Killing piracy is also the main motto of this locking system he says. The pricing of the audio CD is bit on the higher side and it is the launch of new audio.

We wanted to do something in the name of our father. So we floated ‘Arasu Audio’ mentioned Deepak Aras. Besides this the quoting of prices by the audio houses irked Aras.

This is a screenplay based film and I was aiming since two years to bring it on silver screen pointed Aras. He has only one song left for completion. ‘Manasology’ is slated for release in the month of June 2011.

Deepak Aras has seen a lover struggling for receiving one rupee to telephone the lover, that is in fact the hairline story for him in ‘Manasology’.

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