Posted date: 5/October/2008

What a pleasant title that is as soft as the ‘Jasmine’. That is ‘JAAJI MALLIGE’ launched on October 2 by producer Jayanna and Anaji Nagaraj. Jayanna has flourished in cinema distribution, production and in the cinematography department and production of a Shastri, Snehana Preethina and Nanda Deepa Anaji Nagaraj has showed the right temperament of a producer. He is already an ace cameraman.

Obtaining the rights of Tamil film ‘Devathai Kandein’ from Kuppuswamy the Tamil film distributor in Karnataka we have started this project with many changes to suit the Kannada nativity. A long time friend of Anaji Nagaraj is director of this film Anantharaju who has almost finished two of his independents films Nanda and Masth Maja Madi.

This is J.N.Combines first venture. J means Jayanna and N means Nagaraj that is Anaji Nagaraj. Something what the audiences of Kannada have not seen is explained in this film with interesting turns and twists says the duo producers with lot of confidence.

Dr JAYAMALA is back in action on silver screen – The noted actress producer and heading the Apex body Dr.Jayamala is back before the camera after a long gap from films. The last film of Dr.Jayamala was ‘Navashakthi Vaibhava’. She is now playing what actor Nazer played in original film. In the court hall the top actress and respected Dr.Jayamala argues the case in favor of the protagonist Ajay Rao who is an ordinary guy in the cinema.

‘I will meet all the requirements of this subject’ said the humble Ajay Rao sitting pretty with ‘Taj Mahal’ success. Profusely thanking the media for supporting the ‘Taj Mahal’ Rao requested for the same support for ‘Jaaji Mallige’ too. As an orphan Ajay Rao grows highest dreams selling tea and coffee on the streets. Hand to mouth existence guy try to reach the sky standing on earth. For getting the heroine he loves is also like reaching the sky top for him.

Komalkumar continuing is company with director Ananthraj says he plays the role of a friend in need is a friend indeed. I am a director’s artist and producer darling because I don’t get the pair in the cinema said Komal jocularly. The fun and frolic in the first half turns serious in the second half helping the trusted friend says Komalkumar.

I was called for one day shoot in ‘Masth Maja Madi’ by director Ananthraj and for this film ‘Jaaji Mallige’ he has given a lengthy role. It was for Beedi and Benki Pottana and now it is enough for Biryani also said Nagashekar in a lighter vein thanking his fortune and association with very good team. I played a role first in ‘Ninagaagi’ that was a silver jubilee film and now I am in another remake I hope for 25 weeks run of the film ‘Jaaji Mallige’ said Nagashekar.

GOWRI MUNJAL - the pretty girl in a pleasant costume always smiling with dimple on the cheeks was looking very glowing. The smile on her face was like 500 watts bulbs burning. She is such a cute and bubbly heroine with lovely attitudes. She is playing the lead in her fourth Kannada film. She has allocated 10 days of three calls sheets for this film ‘Jaaji Mallige’ that will be completed in 45 days schedule. Gowri Munjal has earlier appeared in ‘Namma Basava’ opposite Puneeth Rajakumar, Gopi opposite Srimurali, and Gandana Mane opposite Shivarajakumar.

Two songs of the film ‘Jaaji Mallige’ will be shot in Switzerland according to Anaji Nagaraj. The first media meet of ‘JN Combines’ ‘Jaaji Mallige’ was held on 3rd October 2008 at the grass lawns of Kanteerava studios on a misty afternoon.

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