Posted date: 27/October/2010

Some records drop in later! This is one such example of noted director and cinematographer Dinesh Baboo reaching the 100 mark. Here is another centurion with good name and fame!

35 films in his career as an excellent craftsman and 65 films as cinematographer par excellence Dinesh Baboo achieves the new feat in a span of 20 plus years in career. Congratulations Dinesh Baboo Avare!

Dinesh Baboo himself is surprised with this information but he disclosed to this correspondent with pride. He was going through the list of films he has worked as director and cameraman and found to his surprise that ‘Maththondu Madhuvena’ is his 100th film.

The stylish director Dinesh Baboo came to Kannada cinema from ‘Suprabhata’ that starred Dr Vishnuvardhana and Suhasini Manirathnam. In the first film he scored a good attention for his novelty in handling the subjects.

Inspector Vikram, Hendthigelbedi, Idhu Sadhya (made in 48 hours), Maheshwara, Amrutha Varshini, Laali, Nishyabda, Hendthighelthini, Premotsava, Naanenu Madlilla, Deepavali, Nan Hendthi Channagiddale, Chitra, Chitte, Balagalittu Olage Baa, Hollywood, Abhi, Panchali, Kanakambari, Magic Ajji, Pandu Ranga Vittala, Neenello Naanalle, Ganesha, Mr Garagasa, Akasha Gange, Janumada Gelathi, Mr Painter, Ballari Naga, Januma Janumadallu (yet to release) 3 Guttu Ondhu Sullu Ondhu Nija, Eradane Madhuve and now Mathondu Madhuvena on floor are some of the films of Dinesh Baboo.

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