Posted date: 3/November/2009

“I have come here to work but not to talk” director of repute the stylish Dinesh Baboo without naming producer K Manju blasted and said the allegations made on him by producer K Manju does not deserve any reply.

The high Fonda Baboo says every film is important for him. I am not careless. I do not take commissions from co artists. If you name anyone and bring them before me then let us talk about it. I don’t agree to what K Manju has said.

Manjanna said he will tell the Kannada producers not to give job of direction to Dinesh Baboo. Then in that case I will go to Kerala and take up cinematography. I still have the demand of a cameraman although not as a director he declared. For job I need not have to struggle.

Baboo disagreed to what Dr Vishnuvardhana has said. It is an extension of a fight sought by producer for ‘School Master’. It cannot be coined as re-shoot he said. I have balance of one song for Janumadha Janumadhalu, Master is at re-recording stage and ‘Eradane Madhuve’ is releasing after ‘3 Guttu Ondhu sullu Ondhu nija’.

I am not a planner. For me the truth is this moment. I have grown up in Kannada cinema industry with controversies. A film is hit no one talks. If a film is a failure I personally get worried. But it does not affect my career. I believe in Bhagawad Geetha Saransh says Dinesh Baboo.

Manohar. R.(Manu),
Photo Journalist
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