Posted date: 23/December/2008

Sihikahi Chandru is as vast as his rotund personality. The other day from Final Cut Productions he has started ‘Badhuku Mayeya Aata’ a tear jerker and before that he has been recognized as comedy king of small screen from Papa Pandu and Silli Lalli.

He is now reverting again to comedy serial for a different channel. For Suvarana channel he has launched a new banner ‘Kushi creations’ to start ‘Pathi Pathni Gulama’ a hilarious pack for 7 pm audience. Giving information on this at the chilly Sunday evening at the Green House Raj Milan Sihikahi Chandru who owns the Final Cut Productions disclosed that there are only 1200 jokes all over the world and all have to be repeated time and again. In this new comedy serial ‘Pathi Pathni Ghulama’ he is sticking on to one family with 260 plus stories.

Off the press meet sitting at Green House famous ‘Oni’ – passage Sihikahi Chandru disclosed that he is coming up with a four floor studio in which one floor will be used for the office purposes where his management functions. In the second and third floor he is leaving to studio purpose and on the top of the building he is thinking of removable sets so that anyone can erect according to his taste.

Coming back to ‘Pathi Pathni Ghulama’ he says airing this in Suvarana channel he would see the new prospects like how Survarana is also looking for.

Sunethra Pandit, Dr.Shamya are mother and daughter while Ramamurthy and BC Anand are father in law and son in law both henpecked husbands. Story is by Rudresh Nagasandra and Sihikahi Chandru, screenplay and dialogues by MS Narasimha Murthy. Muni Janapada is the director.

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