Posted date: 14 Tue, Dec 2021 02:30:39 PM
The previous film of Dolly Dhananjay releasing in OTT directly (Rathnan Prapancha), this film ‘Badava Rascal’ a simple concept film of a middle class family trials and tribulations is releasing on the big screen first. Apparently, from this film the reputed actor today Dolly Dhananjay turned producer and the trailer released on Monday evening at PVR Orion Screen No.10 looked packed with a variety of emotions and promise.
Rangayana Raghu and Thara Anuradha appear as parents to actor Dhananjay in this film, beautiful actress Amrutha Iyengar is female lead in this film. The musical scores of Vasuki Vybhav, his first mass entertainer film, grabbed good attention. Vasuki with Nagabhushan conducted the trailer release event in a funny style.
Rangayana Raghu, a senior actor in the last 26 years, appreciated Dolly Dhananjay for his first attempt. He could have gone to Finland and other places but he had come inland to make his first film. Urbanization is missing so many things today. This is the story of Shramika Jeevana. It is a three-wheel cinema called Rangayana Raghu. Dolly Dhananjay from Arsikere is like ‘Kobbari Gitaku’ – very strong. In the nutshell we get the Kaliyuva Sathya in this film opined RR.
Sparsha Rekha is in an important role that cannot be revealed now and felt happy for the best team she worked with. Amrutha Iyengar says it has been a dream of two years. This is special among all my films. Without makeup, I am shown in this film and I feel it should continue, she says. The role of Rangayana Raghu in the film reminds me of what my father Amrutha Iyengar disclosed.
Preetha with a few successful films as cinematographer today in Kannada she worked for Boxer of Dolly in the past. It is a simple and universal truth it contains with emotions and realism without missing nativity.
This is a pure emotional middle class film. In the gap of completing education and looking for a job the confusion, frustration, realization is brought out in the characters and hope to win said the talented Dolly Dhananjay. I did not want this script to go to other producers. It would have got disturbed the assessment of Dolly Dhananjay. All actors in this film know the pains and pleasures of the middle class he felt.
The debutant director Shanker Guru, a long time friend of Dhananjay, wanted a film for his friend. Knowing him closely he arrived at the concept. This is a film by Geleyaru, Geleyarigaagi and Geleyarigoskara  he says.
Actor in sidekicks Nagabhushan performed without shirt in this film. Vinod handled stunts and Raju is dance director of this film.
KRG Studio Karthik Gowda announced that it is the 50th film of the company for distribution and he hopes to get a milestone from this film. 
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