Posted date: 12/August/2008

Before the platinum jubilee celebration (4th March 2009) of Kannada filmdom some more memorable news are going to fall out. One such would be the first combination of two top actors Dr.Vishnuvardhana and hat trick hero Shivarajakumar. The prominent character artist Shobaraj on reaching his 150th film very soon wants to be the producer of this combination. Even if it calls for Rs.5 crores Shobaraj is ready to produce and the script work is almost ready.

In the past the ads came up in newspaper from producer Rockline Venkatesh for ‘Krishnarjuna’ Kannada film starring Dr.Vishnu and Shivarajakumar but the film did not take off. Now Shobaraj flourishing in Kannada, Telugu and Tamil has consulted his favorite actors Dr.Vishnu and Shivarajakumar with who he is in the acting fold in several films.

Shobaraj working on the floors of Kannada film ‘Saacha’ at Kaushik Studio in Sigehalli on Monday announced his ambition and explained that he has signed two prime offers in Tamil. A film of the third generation of actors of eminent Kannada film director Siddalingaiah’s grand son (Tamil actor Murali’s son) starring film and Arjun’s Tamil film are in the pipeline he said.

I receive per film from Rs.10 to 15 lakhs for my villain role in other languages that is five times more than what I receive in Kannada informed Shobaraj. Passing a remark on non Kannada actors Shobaraj says those who come from Hindi cinema acting in Kannada cinema is like ‘pickles’ for them. For an actor like me who go from Kannada there is something very good in store in the form of roles and remuneration. In Tamil industry there is very fine preparation for the subject. Eight to 10 months they sit on the subject. For actor Murali’s son debut film by debutant director Shanker all the previous directors of Murali Tamil films sit for discussion and work out how the new buddy should look on the screen and what should be fed for the audience from the film. I have signed the contract for three schedule of the Tamil film and there is very systematic approach says Shobaraj.

It is not that I don’t have memorable moments in Kannada. This is my motherland. I always recollect the film I played villain in ‘Shabdavedi’ with Dr.Rajakumar, ‘Yajamana, Simhadriya Simha’ with Dr.Vishnuvardhana the baddie of Kannada screen Shobaraj opines.

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