Posted date: 2/February/2009

It is not ‘Aptha Mithra-II’ but ‘APTHARAKSHAKA’ title for the 200th film of Dr.Vishnuvardhana. A right title for the right hero of Kannada cinema the versatile and vivacious Dr.Vishnu! Dr.Rajakumar’s 200th film was ‘Devatha Manushya’ and Ambarish’s 200th film was ‘Gowdru’. In the past we had a film called ‘Anatha Rakshaka’ in which Shashikumar and Jayaprada played lead roles.


The sequel is sure and contents are entirely different for ‘Aptharakshaka’ that starts rolling in the direction of P.Vasu (who made Aptha Mithra and its Tamil version Chandramukhi starring style king Rajanikanth) on March 10th at a huge house in Palani of Tamil Nadu state.

In this ‘Aptharakshaka’ Dr.Vishnu continues to play psychiatrist and Avinash will be Mantravadhi once again. The head of the huge family that has been selected in Palani will be veteran actor Srinivasamurthy. It is a family of 25 to 30 members.

The charming Sneha who played heroine to crazy star Ravichandran in ‘Ravi Shastri’ and Lakshmi Gopalaswamy who has already figured in two of Dr.Vishnuvardhana films – Vishnu Sene and Nam Yajamanru have been short listed as heroines. There is a need of another heroine it is learnt.

Who is donning the role of late Soundarya is very clear. It is Lakshmi Gopalaswamy – an equally brilliant actress who has proficiency in Bharatanatyam. Lakshmi Gopalaswamy is quite busy in Malayalam films too. She has starred in top actors like Mammooty and Mohan Lal films.

as starred in top actors like Mammooty and Mohan Lal films.

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